My Top 10 SSMS Frustrations

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  1. SSMS does not provide the DateTime Executed nor the Line where Error occurred Top 10
    • Query completed with errors
    • Where exactly is the line that caused the error
    • When did I start execution of this code
    • Why bother showing me my version and desktop info ... I already know that!

  2. SQL Books On Line & HelpViewer
    • Why does BOL have to start a HelpViewer Agent service?
    • Why can't it stand alone from VS like it did in the old days of SQL 2000 when it was "perfect"?
    • In SQL 2012/14 it was all jacked up in my opinion
    • If you had multiple versions of SQL & VS installed ... good luck on getting BOL to work properly
    • In SQL 2016 BOL it appears that they finally fixed some of those issues

  3. SSMS Solutions don't directly correlate/snap into to Visual Studio Solutions
    • Visual Studio "database" solutions are for building an entire database
    • Suppose you simply need a way to organize and Source Control your TSQL scripts per project
    • In VS you can do this for SSIS or SSRS solutions but not TSQL solutions

  4. SSIS Project Package Deployment/Management (SSISDB)
    • SSISDB is configurable and managable in SSMS
    • However you must develop up the project package for the SSISDB in VS (SSDT)
    • Why not simply have all the tools in one spot ... either in SSMS or in SSDT

  5. Tab History not maintained in SSMS
    • You have to purchase a 3rd party tool ... like Red Gate

  6. Depreciation of SQL Profiler in future versions of SQL
    • Why??? Oh ... Why???
    • Profiler has been around for 15 years and it works just fine
    • Extended events are way to ____________ (... you fill in the blank)

  7. No built in reformatter
    • Again, you have to purchase a 3rd party tool
    • Don't they understand that fundamentally you need a method to enforce formatting standards
    • I like my "," in front of each column and my Alias format to be consistent ,"Alias" = field (not field AS "Alias",)

  8. Solution Explorer
    • If I am using Source Control like TFS, when I add a file to the SSMS project I don't want the file to physically get copied to THAT folder I just need a "pointer" to that file
    • suppose I am developing using that that same .sql file for multiple solutions, I just want TFS Source Control to handle the versioning
    • And AVOID having 10 or more copies of that file laying around

  9. Powershell
    • Start Powershell in SSMS opens base PowerShell command window and not the Powershell ISE which is the better interface for scripting
    • Some folks now believe you should use PowerShell for everything
    • Recently I read an article in Database Weekly titled "List and Execute SQL Server Stored Procedures with PowerShell" ... rubbish
    • To me it's much easier and makes more sense to do this in SSMS

  10. # 10 .... Give it some time .... It will come
    • ... OR you can simply add you own ... I know you have at least ONE!

Best "New" Feature !!

  • In SSMS 2016 - Now Have Ability to Filter the Databases