1. Talents
    17yr SQL Server -2016 & lower
    12yr SSIS
    9yr SSRS
    5yr SSAS
    Procs, Functions, Dynamic SQL, Triggers, CTEs/Windowing, etc. OLTP Tuning, Monitoring, Optimization, Capacity Planning, Partitioning BI-Analytics, Power BI, Tableau, Visualization OLAP, Star Schema, Facts-Dimensions, Measures, PowerPivot, PowerQuery
    Database Modeling, Deployment, Capacity Planning, Implementation, Reverse Engineering Architecture & Design, Standards, Requirements, Strategic Decisions, Operations, Automation, Baselining Database Monitoring, Security, Best Practices, Assessments, Features PowerShell, R, Python, XML, XSLT, XQuery, XPath, DAX, MDX, LINQ, Expressions
    Backup/Recovery, High-Availability, Change/Configuration Management Oracle, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, Hadoop, MySQL, Excel, Access, Dynamics, Sybase .NET, VB/Java Script, JSON, JQuery,HTML5, CSS, Powershell SDLC, SaaS, Web Services, Cold Fusion
    Windows & SQL Azure, Active Directory, Linux (Red Hat), Kerberos (SPN), Domain Administration TFS, VSTS, SalesForce, Rally, Documentation, Quality Assurance,Jenkins, Docker DevOps, Tier-2 Support, Triage, 24x7 On-Call, Customer Service, Testing Director, Team Lead, Project Management, Business Liaison
    Financial Applications Healthcare Applications Warehouse/Logistics Applications Mentoring, Tutoring, Subject Matter Expert, Trustworthy, Dependable
  2. Technologies:


    Name Level Years # Freq Last
    TSQL Expert 16 3,000+ Daily Today
    HTML-CSS Proficient 8 350+ Semi-Weekly Last Sat
    Powershell Proficient 4 ~75 Regularily Jun 21
    XML/XLST-XQuery-XPath Intermediate 7 < 70 Infrequent May 2018
    .NET (VB-C#-JavaScript) Intermediate 5 250+ Often Yesterday
    ColdFusion Proficient 4 350+ Infrequent Dec 2015
    DAX-MDX Beginner 4 25+ Infrequent Mar 2018
    JSON-JQuery Rookie 1 ~15 Practicing Thu
    LINQ Novice 1 < 10 Practicing Wed
    R Newbie 1 Learning Jun 22


    SSMS-VS Expert 16 3,000+ Daily Today
    SSIS Experienced 11 550+ Weekly Last Wed
    SSRS Seasoned 8 350+ Weekly Week Ago
    Excel-PowerPivot Proficient 6 150+ Bi-Weekly Jun 10
    SSAS Intermediate 5 250+ Ocassionally Mar 2018
    Oracle Skilled 5 100+ Infrequent Oct 2013
    Dynamics Skilled 4 200+ Rarely Nov 2009
    MySQL Skilled 2 < 35 Rarely Feb 2018
    NoSQL Novice 1 < 5 Practicing Apr 2018
    Tableau Novice 2 mth Coursework Sat
    Hadoop! Newbie Learning May 2018
  3. Samples:
    Top 10 Most Frustrating Things about SSMS Code Examples Query Performance Tuning
    NTLM: Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON' SQL Assessment Report Outline SQL Performance Audit Checklist
    Collected [StatsIO]...Now What? RVA Budget LineItem Data RVA CIP Project Overview
    RVA City Budget Citizen (WP) RVA Budget (Google Fusion) Mt. Olive Baptist Church (DNN)
  4. Education:
    Virginia Tech - Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry and Nutrition 1984
    John Hopkins University - "R" Programming 2016
    Stanford University - A Crash Course in Creativity 2013
    Stanford University - Technology Entrepreneurship 2013
    University of Pennsylvania - Gamification 2013
    Microsoft Training Certificates - SQL Server Admin 1996
    MCDBA Candidate (passed 4 exams) 2015
    Microsoft Training Certificates - Miscellaneous Ongoing
  5. Strengths / Weaknesses:
  1. Experience: